Friday, July 24, 2009



RWA is pleased to inform all the resident members of the pocket that like previous years, JANAMASTAMI festival will be observed on 14th august ( Friday) at 7:30 PM onwards and Independence Day will be celebrated on 15th August 09 ( Saturday) at 09:00 AM. Both the above functions will be held in the central park of the pocket.

Children of the pocket who intend to perform on the occasion of Janamastami and Independence Day are requested to submit their name to Sh. Mukesh Gupta , Secretary RWA (Flat no. 412). Resident members who like to contribute financially may kindly do so and pay their contribution to the undersigned or to the security guard at the main gate. All the resident members are cordially invited to attend the above auspicious functions to make it a grand success.

Apart from the above the following information is also given :-

Suspension of water supply in the pocket :-On 27-07-09 (Evening) and 28-07-09 (Morning) due to annual cleaning of the water tank of the pocket. In this respect notice displayed on notice board may also kindly be seen.

Inter-com facility :- Those resident members who have not applied for MTNL inter-com facility may apply for the same as soon as possible. Application forms are available at the main gate.

Honouring Students :-As notified earlier the students of the pocket who have obtained 80% and above marks in their class X and XII board exam held in 2009 will be honoured on 15th August 09. They are requested to submit their name along with copy of the respective mark sheet to the undersigned latest by 5th August 09.

RWA subscription :- Resident members who have not paid their annual RWA subscription are requested to kindly pay the same along with the arrears, if any, as soon as possible but not later that 31-08-2009 to the Security Guard.

Library :- RWA has decided to open a small library in the pocket. Resident members who intend to donate for library may kindly do so and the contribution may be given to the undersigned.

The developmental activities being carried out / taken up by the RWA is notified through notice boards as well as given on website address :

Any suggestion / complaint from the members may be written on the complaint register kept at the main gate and also mail it to :

On Behalf of RWA governing body, With Best Regards,

Digvijay Pratap


Suspension of water supply in the pocket


Sub: Suspension of water supply in the pocket on 27-07-09 (Evening) and 28-07-09 (Morning) due to annual cleaning of the water tank of the pocket – reg.

Dear Resident Members,

It is hereby informed that due to annual cleaning of the water tank of the pocket there will be no water supply on 27-07-09 (Evening) and 28-07-09 (Morning). There will, however, be adequate water supply on 27-07-09 in the morning.

Resident members are requested to kindly store water sufficiently. Water supply is supposed to resume from the evening of 28-07-09.


On Behalf of RWA governing body, With Best Regards,

Digvijay Pratap


RWA, Sector 19 Pkt 2

Dwarka, New Delhi

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sponsored Tender BIDS for Renovation/Up-gradation of Pocket gates.

Name of Work: Sponsored Tender BIDS for Renovation/Up-gradation of Pocket gates.

Tender Notice

President, on behalf of Resident welfare association of this pocket invites Sponsored Tender Bids from interested bidders, for Renovation/Up-gradation of look of, all Pocket gates.

Sponsoring Bidders may submit their proposal bids in consolidated/ per gate offer method i.e. with gate no’s and refundable EMD in Pay Order or DD form only.

All Sponsorship Proposal Bids shall reach RWA office by 26.07.2009, 1700 IST. RWA shall meet and decide and communicate its final and binding decision in a week.

Estimated amount per gate: Rs.35,000/=

Estimated Execution Time: One Month.

Earnest Money Deposit: Rs.10,000/=

For Further enquiries regarding this Tender Bid, interested sponsoring bidders may contact President, RWA.

Digvijay Pratap


RWA, Sector 19 Pkt 2

Dwarka, New Delhi

Last date of Application for IGL PNG Connection


Sub: Last date of Application for IGL PNG Connection is 11th july 09- regarding.

Dear Resident Members,

Those of you who have not applied for IGL PNG connection till date may apply on application form available at the Main GATE Security Guard Hut because the last date for submitting the application is 11th july 09.

Applications completed in all respects as per instructions attached with Form along with requisite amount Cheque may be submitted with security guard for further forwarding by RWA.

On Behalf of RWA governing body,

Digvijay Pratap


RWA, Sector 19 Pkt 2

Dwarka, New Delhi

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Discrepancies in water billing


The Chief Engineer

DDA Dwarka Project Office

Manglapuri, Palam

New Delhi

Sub: Discrepancies in water billing for flat owners of Sector-19, Pocket-2, Dwarka (DDA SFS Flats)-regarding.


The undersigned, President of RWA, is constrained to bring to your kind notice on behalf of RWA, about the glaringly unjustified discrepancies and irregularities in the water bills, presented by your good office, in respect of the residents of this pocket, for your kind, just, intervention and favorable consideration please.

The residents of this pocket are in receipt of water bills, presented by your office, since December-1997 up to March-2009. Bills in some cases amounts up to Rs.22,000 to Rs.30,000.

According to your concerned subordinate departments these bills are said to include pending arrears awaiting decisions of adjustments if any.

You may understand Sir, when the residents of this pocket are paying electricity bills, telephone bills and other Govt. Taxes and duties, what has prevented them from paying water bills regularly.

The reasons for this may be as given below:

  1. DDA is supposed to supply adequate quantity of potable water to the residential flats of this pocket. But time and again, even today, DDA has shown its inability, inefficiency and its incapacitation to do so.
  2. Water booster pump and generator for supply of potable water was installed and made functional by DDA officials only from the month of March-1999. Before that there was hardly any supply of potable water to this pocket.
  1. Allotment letter to the allottees were issued by DDA in Jan-1998, but DDA subordinate offices are charging water bills since Dec-1997.

  1. Since possession of flats by allottees, in most cases, Water meters in respective flats were found non-operational and missing along with water meter protection boxes. This is due to general apathy towards duty by JEs in-charge concerned.

DDA JE in-charge and staff concerned were simply not bothered to install the missing water meters along with water meter protection boxes. They resorted to easy method of preparing water bills on flat rate basis at the cost of residents which may be due to orders from their superior authority.

It shall be much appreciated if as a special drive and on priority basis, it is undertaken by your good office to install water meters in all the flats taken possession by allottees. This shall resolve the issues and grievances of residents regarding water bill being over charged presently on flat rate basis, being done by your subordinate offices, without taking into account whether the flat is occupied or not.

  1. Currently adequate potable water is not being supplied to this pocket. Ground water full of impurities and hazardous elements is being mixed by concerned water supply contractors appointed by DDA to satisfy residents water needs. Booster Pump generator in most of the time remain non operational due reasons best known to DDA, causing failure to supply water to residents during lengthy power failures/over load.

Hence Residents are compelled and forced to procure bottled water from market, to satisfy their needs.

Water booster pump Operated by DDA dose not appear to be of adequate capacity to pump water to flats over head storage tanks. Individual Residents are compelled to install extra tanks/pumps at ground to store water and pump it later to over head tanks. In this process each individual is also spending extra on electricity bills and extra installations charges.

The above actions of residents leads to occupation of common open spaces of corridors and drainage, leading to many health, fire and building hazards, leading to natural national resource wastage.

In such conditions, DDA must heed and understand, is it not reasonable on part of residents to not to prefer payment of water bills.

  1. This pocket seems to have been jurisdiction divided amongst three or four JE Civil, by you. At times residents are at loss to understand which JE to be contacted and what/where to be contacted for water and its billing problems.

To amicably resolve and settle the non payment of water bills by residents, RWA governing body of this pocket here by requests you on behalf of residents of this pocket request DDA to kindly consider following administrative suggestions submitted below:

a) Kindly arrange to let know which flats are under which JEs. Bring under administrative jurisdiction of one DDA works division. Present arrangement of jurisdiction by WD-6, WD-8 and WD-9 to be dispensed here with immediately and RWA to be notified about finalization of WD division number.

b) JE responsible for water billing to report in pocket premises at a pre designated place and coordinate with the pocket RWA at least once in a week for a full day, to resolve residents billing issues.

c) JE water billing shall intimate with a notice to each and every resident to resolve billing issues at the earliest at a referred place within the Pocket premises. Summarized detailed notice copies shall be pasted on notice board and RWA for coordination with residents.

d) DDA on priority basis to start and undertake a special drive to install water meters along with protection boxes in respect of all flats taken in possession by allottees. Installation records to be shared with RWA for future further coordination and intervention.

e) Exorbitant, unjustified water bills, surcharges and disconnection notices presented to residents may be suspended and to resolve each and every residents bill in consultation with RWA.

f) Immediately Start consumption based water billing and Flat rate water billing adopted may be dispensed force with.

g) RWA suggestions shall be included as inputs to DDA and due care shall be given to those suggestions by DDA while initiating all developmental activities by DDA in this pocket.

Lastly on behalf of RWA of this office it is humbly requested to give us an appointment at the earliest for coordinating by this RWA on this and various other pending issues with DDA, with regards to our residential pocket please.

With Best Regards,

Yours truly

(Digvijay Pratap )


RWA, Sector 19 Pocket 2

Dwarka, New Delhi