Sunday, March 14, 2010

Submission of resignation by Shri S.N.Singh, Flat No.529 from the post of Assistant Returning Officer.

It is brought to your notice that Shri S.N. Singh Flat No. 529 newly appointed as Assistant Returning Officer for conducting election of RWA governing body has shown inability to continue as ARO and resigned from his post. Shri Viplav Saxena Flat No. 312 whose name was proposed in Annual General Meeting as RO, has been nominated as Assistant Returning Officer.
If any residents have any objection on his name same may be submitted to Returning Officer/undersigned within three days from the issue of this letter.

Secretary, RWA
Copy to:-
Dr.Y.S. Ahlawat, Returning Officer
Flat No.178 (Local) –For information

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